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Gross Structure of Skeletal Muscle (3)


epimysium function

facia; covers outer surface of all skeletal muscles

epimysium composition

collagenous tissue

epimysium continuous with tendons at one end of a muscle (TRUE OR FALSE)

FALSE: epimysium continuous with tendons at BOTH ends of a muscle

epimysium gives rise to...

perimysium; portion of epimysium extend internally into muscle

perimysium composition

white fibrous connective tissue sheath

perimysium function

surrounds a group of muscle fibers in a muscle


group of muscle fibers surrounded by perimysium

perimysium gives rise to...

endomysium; portions of perimysium extend internally into a fasciculus

endomysium composition

fine strands of collagenous tissue (derived from perimysium)

endomysium function

enters a fasciculus and surrounds sarcolemma (muscle cell membrane) of individual cells

What structure holds fasciciuli together in form of a muscle?


What structure holds muscle cells together in form of a fasciculus?


What structure attaches muscle cells to each other within a fasciculus?


what is the pathway for nerves and blood vessels to pass from outside of a muscle down to muscle cells?

epimysium to perimysium to endomysium

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