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  1. political machine
  2. Workingman's Party of California
  3. Denis Kearney
  4. Tammany Hall
  5. Washington Gladden
  1. a political machine for which George Plunkitt performed his labors.
  2. b an informal political group designed to gain and keep power, came about partly because cities had grown much faster than their govts.
  3. c tried to apply "christian law" to social problems.
  4. d another anti-immigrant organization to fight Chinese immigration organized by Denis Kearney.
  5. e an irish immigrant who organized Workingman's Party of California

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  1. developed the electric trolley car
  2. one of New York's most powerful party bosses
  3. important African Amer ragtime composer-became known as "King of Ragtime" and published his signature piece "The Maple Leaf Rag"
  4. immigrants passed through it in about a day. very hectic. immigrants filed past the doctor for an inspection.
  5. proposed idea of social darwinism. he applied Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection to human society and argued that human society evolved selection-only the fittest people survived "Survival of the fittest"

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  1. Jane Addamsattempted to portray people realistically instead of idealizing them as romantic artists had done


  2. American Protective Associationa process in which immigrants became knowledgeable about american culture and to assimilate immigrants into american culture. public schools were crucial for this.


  3. Gospel of Wealthreinforced idea of individualism. Herbert Spenceer proposed this idea.


  4. steeragemost basic and cheepest accommodations on a steamship.


  5. graftgetting money through dishonest or questionable means. Plunkitt defended "honest graft"