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  1. naturalism
  2. Gospel of Wealth
  3. Henry George
  4. Washington Gladden
  5. Angel Island
  1. a argued with social darwinism and realism and said that people failed in life b/c they were caught up in circumstances they could not control. In other words, leaving society and the economy unregulated did not always lead to the best result.
  2. b tried to apply "christian law" to social problems.
  3. c Carnegie attempted to extend and soften the harsh philosophy of Social Darwinism with the this...philosophy held that wealthy americans had responsibility of philanthropy-using their fortunes to further social progress and donate money
  4. d published "Progress and Poverty" which stated the present century has been marked by a prodigious increase in wealth-producing power. he explained the gulf between the employed and the employer is growing wider. he offered solution to poverty, land, which he argued was the basis of wealth. he proposed a "single tax" on this unearned wealth to replace all other taxes and provided the govt enough money to help poor. he challenged ideas of social darwinism and laissez-faire
  5. e california opened barracks on this place to accomodate the asian immigrants who awaited the results of their immigration hearings in packed dorms.

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  1. despised catholics and fereigners and committed to stop immigration and lead the American Protective Association
  2. novel written by Mark Twain and Charles Warner, it was a time of marvels where amazing new inventions led to rapid industrial growth.
  3. reinforced idea of individualism. Herbert Spenceer proposed this idea.
  4. one of New York's most powerful party bosses
  5. no one contributed more to the design of skyscrapers than him.

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  1. Ellis Islandimmigrants passed through it in about a day. very hectic. immigrants filed past the doctor for an inspection.


  2. graftcovered with gold on outside but made of cheap material inside. appears to sparkle but Twain and Warner pointed out that beneath the surface lay curruption, poverty, and crime.


  3. Tammany Halldanish-born journalist who observed that a map of NYC ,"colored to designate nationalities, would show more stripes that on the skin of a zebra" also documented slum life in his book How the Other Half Lives


  4. American Protective Associationone of the anti-immigrant organizations that was lead by Henry Bowers who despised catholics and fereigners and committed to stop immigration.


  5. ragtimemusic echoed the hectic pace of city life