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bec there are 2 very scary realities that all prophets AS warned about and they both have to be understood and they are actually at the center of understanding the larger philosophy of our religion, those 2 threats are the nation will be destroyed here in this world if they reject the prophet and then the judgment day for all of humanity, these are the 2 threats that every messenger comes with, you are going to face consequences here/the nation will be annihilated here, and then the ultimate punishment is judgment day/the ultimate warning is about judgment day, there are 2 kinds/sets of warnings, Makkans will pay in the akhirah and they will also pay in this dunya that is a fulfillment of A's promise (a consistent promise of A to all prophets and messengers), when the messenger is denied then the nation pays in this world, the nation rejecting him in the flesh/the nation that saw him with their own eyes pays in this world, surah Tawbah is like the flood of Nuh AS, it is the surah of kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, that was A's final punishment the warning fulfilled for PMP for the nation that disbelieved in PMP just like the promise of Nuh AS of the warning of the nation being destroyed then and there, it is part of divine punishment, it is not the foreign policy of Islam, there are 2 kinds of punishments, the Quraysh are being warned about 2 kinds of punishments, understanding these 2 sets of punishments when A gives warning about what is coming, it is a reality, it is bound to happen, it is not just akhirah, you better watch it bec there are going to be consequences for your deeds