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A copy of dean 428's set

Johnny Tremain

the main character of the story


a FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT lazy boy who resented the main character


the girl liked by the main character

Paul Revere

a silversmith who really lived during the times the book portrays

John Hancock

a wealthy merchant who owned the docks where the story took place and who really lived at this time


a secondary character who was the best friend of the main character and who got into scrapes with him


Mrs. _____ was the mother of 4 girls, the daughter-in-law of the silversmith and married Mr. Tweedie


the doctor who does surgery on the main character's hand

James Otis

____ ____ is an old lawyer who gives a rousing speech about freedom


a minor character who idolizes Johnny and worked with him in the silversmith's shop


the African horse boy who twice gave Johnny money from his master (His name is from the Bible)


the name of the city where most of the story occurs


Mr. ____ tried to marry each of the silversmith's granddaughters but got neither of them. (Johnny considered him to be a coward)


Johnny's mother and cousin both had this name


Grandpa Silsby fought in the French and Indian ____


this British general surprised many of the colonists by not being as bad a person as they thought he would be


merchant ____ was really a relative of the main character but refused to acknowledge him


the main character's father was a ____ in the French navy.


the main character's mother was cast out of her family for being a ____

Boston Commons

the British soldier's camp was in ____ ____


the town where the first battle of the Revolutionary War took place


Johnny's father's name

Yankee Doodle

a song sung by the British meant to make fun of the colonists

Minute Men

the self-chosen name of the colonial soldiers who were always ready for battle


Johnny's main character flaw


the water-borne disease from which Johnny's father died


a person loyal to the King was said to be a member of this party


a person who was for independence from England


this person living in the Lyte household dreamed of being a farmer in America: Mr. ___


the ____ Act put a tax on all printed material and was resented by the colonists


the colonists were forced to buy this substance used to make a hot drink from only one British company

George II

the king of England during the period of history portrayed in the book was ____ __

Sam Adams

____ ____ was a real man who had the gift of organization and who organized many of the events which occurred during the Revolutionary War

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