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  1. commensurate
  2. copious
  3. clandestine
  4. contentious
  5. corpulence
  1. a quarrelsome, tending to argument
  2. b bulkiness or largeness, obesity
  3. c executed in secrecy, covert
  4. d proportionate, having the same measure
  5. e abundant

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  1. rude, difficult to work with
  2. accompanying, concurrent
  3. a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun; anything that puzzles
  4. close group, clique
  5. roundabout; out of the way

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  1. charlatansomeone who pretends to know more than they do, a fraud


  2. cherubicclose group, clique


  3. curmudgeonbulkiness or largeness, obesity


  4. conjugalpertaining to marriage


  5. crypticclose group, clique