Neoplasia 6: Mutations: Anti-apoptosis genes

13 terms by DrPeanut

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What is the main ANTI APOPTOTIC GENE?


BCL-2 gene products normally ___________ by ___________

- prevents cell from undergoing apoptosis
- blocking the mitochondrial permeability transmembrane channels so that CYTOCHROME C won't leak out into the cytoplasm triggering APOPTOSIS

mutation of BCL-2 gene will cause _______ of the gene


over-expression of the gene will lead to cells becoming _________


BCL-2 mutation is associated with

B cell follicular lymphoma

_______ causes over-expression of BCL-2 gene products --> ________

translocation t(14:18)
prevents apoptosis of B lymphocytes

MC malignant lymphoma

B cell follicular lymphoma

Burkitt's lymphoma

C-myc (protooncogene) - transcription

CML - chronic myelogenous leukemia

ABL (protooncogene) - tyrosine kinase activity

B Follicular Lymphoma

BCL2 (anti-apoptosis)

Acute Promyelocytic leukemia


Hodgkin's lymphoma is a cancer of the _________ cells

Reed S. cells

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma arise from ___ and ____

B and C lymphocytes

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