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Nutrition Test # 3

Vitamin most intensively involved in protein metabolism?
The replacement of red blood cells depends most heavily on?
B vitamins become part of?
carrots, sweet potatoes,liver, spinach are good sources of?
vitamin A
milk is solid in protective cardboard or opaque platic containers rather than in transparent glass bottles to minimize the loss of?
In order to reduce the incidence of neural tube defect, theFDA has mandated that folic acidbe added to?
grain products
The inabiltiy of the stomach to produce enough acid can lead to?
atrophic gastritis
All of the following are good sources of beta carotene except?
iceberg lettuce
Which of the following would not be considered a superstar fruit or vegetable?
Iceberg lettuce
All of the following are thought to contribute to a higher risk for cancer except?
high fruit and vegetable intake
Which statement does not describe a role of major minerals in the body?
they provide energy
Almost all 99% of the calcium in the body is used to?
provide rigidity forthe bones and the teeth
The potassium to sodium ration of foods is affected by?
What binder that is found in whole grain cereals hinders zinc absorption?
phytic acid
If a woman has a severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy her child may have?
A diet which over emphasizes _____ is likely to lead to an iron deficiency in children?
Too much milk can lead to ?
The DASH eatin pattern is high in?
vegetables ; low in fat dairy
All of the following are correct concerning minerals except?
they are organic compounds
phtochemicals have several different modes of actin/ Those with antioxidant properties?
help protect cells from damage
Which of the following is Not true about phytochemicals?
they are found in small amounts in all organic foods