APUSH Unit 4: Chapter 25

What were the attractions of the city that led to population expansion? What were the main sources of urban growth?
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What led to the development of residential suburbs around big cities?Suburbs around the cities were built in order to hold the thousands of residents which lived there. cheap labor helped increase the accessibility of tools and materials needed to create modern income homes.What issues did the realist novelists explore? How did the realist authors approach these problems?The realist novelists attempted to re-create the urban social reality. Some responded by describing the oppression of America's poor, while other writers withdrew from itBy the early 1900s, what movements in American visual art were becoming evident? How did these movements reflect the contrast between the genteel (refined) and modern approaches?Some American artists turned away from the traditional academic style. Many young painters explored grim aspects of modern life which became the subject of American literature.How did Darwinism challenge traditional American faith and contribute to the growing schism between cosmopolitan, mostly urban, and traditional, mainly rural, values [late 19c "culture wars"]?Darwinism challenged the traditional American faith by describing life as a random process dominated by the fiercest competitor. It contributed to the widening gap between urban and rural values by industrialists justifying their favored position in American life.How did the new social science disciplines of economics, sociology, and anthropology impact the intellectual view of contemporary and historic America?