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  1. Where was the meeting of the estates general?
  2. what were the social underlying causes of the French Rev.?
  3. What is the name of the home Marie built herself?
  4. How does Deism relate to the Enlightenment?
  5. Who said "the power is absolute"?
  1. a Bishop Boussett
  2. b They both believe in reason, rationality, logic, etc.
  3. c Trianon
  4. d There was a shift from estates to classes. You can change classes but you cannot change estates. The middle class began to rise and wanted more rights
  5. e Versailles

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  1. King Louis XIV
  2. Wealth went from land to money
  3. He thought the world would be better without it. He said "religion is nothing but mere superstition"
  4. The idea that god is a clockmaker: he created the world and stepped back and watched it go. The idea that human beings determine the future and make decisions.
  5. philosophe, enlightenment thinker, came up with idea of general will

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  1. Who was Marie Antoinette's mom and where was she from?Marie Theresa from Austria


  2. What are the four categories of underlying causes?Political, intellectual, economic, and social


  3. What is the Social Contract and who wrote it?Rousseau's idea that the government has the right to protect the citizen's unalienable rights and that there is a contract between the people and the government. The government has the responsibility to protect the people, but the people have to give up some of their rights they had in the state of nature. If the people don't like the government, they can replace it.


  4. what are underlying vs. immediate causesUnderlying causes are long term. Immediate causes are the last straw just before the event causes


  5. What is the General Will?The majority of the people/ the majority will