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  1. What were the underlying political causes of the French Rev.?
  2. what are underlying vs. immediate causes
  3. Who was Marie Antoinette's mom and where was she from?
  4. Name three(+) people in the Enlightenment
  5. What are cahiers?
  1. a Marie Theresa from Austria
  2. b Marie and Louis were incompetent rulers
  3. c John Locke, Hobbes, Diderot, Voltaire, Rousseau
  4. d Underlying causes are long term. Immediate causes are the last straw just before the event causes
  5. e Notebooks of grievances given to the king brought by the third estate to the estates-general meeting

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  1. came up with theory of government was The Divine Right of Kings. Theory of government before the French Rev.
  2. The 3rd Estate pays close to 50% of their income to the 1st estate: in tithes and other taxes from food, clothing, etc.
  3. King Louis XIV
  4. Three branches that check and balance each other: executive, legislative, judicial
  5. People who give 10% of their income to the 1st estate (clergy)

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  1. What is the Social Contract and who wrote it?Rousseau's idea that the government has the right to protect the citizen's unalienable rights and that there is a contract between the people and the government. The government has the responsibility to protect the people, but the people have to give up some of their rights they had in the state of nature. If the people don't like the government, they can replace it.


  2. What was the major cause of bankruptcy of France?The money loaned to the American Rev.


  3. State of NatureThe idea that god is a clockmaker: he created the world and stepped back and watched it go. The idea that human beings determine the future and make decisions.


  4. Rousseauphilosophe, enlightenment thinker, came up with idea of general will


  5. What was the shift in wealth after the Industrial Revolution?Wealth went from land to money


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