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HTML is (unlimited, limited) in its capability of defining the appearance, or style, of a Web page.


What allows you to alter the appearance of a Web page by changing characteristics such as font family and font size?

A style sheet

Do style sheets adhere to a common language with set standards and rules?

Yes they do!

HTML is another name for CSS programming languange -- true or false?

False, they are different languages

With an embedded style sheet, you add the style sheet within the "__________" tags of the HTML document to define the style for an entire Web page.

within the "head" tags

How can a web developer assign several properties at once to elements on a Web page?

Use style sheets

Does CSS allow Web developers to simplify Web page maintenance?


Can you use more than one type of style sheet in a single Web page?


Which precedes which in a style sheet: inline, embedded, external embedded and external

inline overrides both embedded and external
embedded overrides external

How do you ad an embedded style sheet?

Insert a start <style> tag at the top of the Web page within the <head> tags

What file extension identifies a style sheet as a CSS file?


How do you confirm that your styles display correctly in the Web page?

after adding a style sheet, save the HTML file and view the file in your browser.

What is the name of the part of the style statement that identifies the page elements?


__________ includes at least one type of style to apply to the selected element

A declaration

In the __________ style="font-style:italic; color:navy", type property-vaule statement specify that the element should display in italic and navy font.


These are helpful when one section of a Web page needs to have a different style than the rest of the page

internal style sheets

What are external style sheets?

the most comprehensive form of a style sheet -- can be used to control the consistency and look of Web pages within the Web site

What is a rule that defines the appearance of an element on a Web page


Which style sheet changes the style within an individual HTML tag?


Where should a <link> tag be inserted to apply the styles in an external style sheet to the Web page

within the "head" tags

What is included in a style document?

selector & declaration

________ includes at least one property to apply toa selected element

A declaration

Which style sheet utilizes classes

T needs to answer

This page generally provides links to all other Web pages in a Web site

Menu page

setting the __________ property to a value of "None" will remove the underline from all links

"text decoration"

What property allows you to define a font for use in a Web page?

"font family" property

What tag is used to link an external style sheet to the Web pages to which you want to apply the style?

"link" tag

What kind of style sheet changes the style of multiple pages in a Web site?

"external" style sheet

What kind of style sheet changes the style of one Web page?

"embedded" style sheet

What selector is used to define a unique style for a visited link?

a;visited selector

a series of rules that defines the style for a Web page or an entire Web site

style sheet

What does CSS stand for?

cascading style sheet

A language that allows a Web developer to write code statements that control the style of elements on a Web page


Which type of style sheets give Web developers the most flexibility and are ideal to give all all Web pages the same look?

external style sheets

How can you set the text and background colors of a link to change when the mouse pointer points to, or hovers over the link?


A style statement is make up of _________ and ______________

a selector and a declaration

What part of a style statement identifies how the element should display?

the declaration

What part of a declaration specifies the display parameters for a specific property?

a related value

External style sheets should be saved as text files with a ________ extension


How can a Web developer gain more control over the style of a particular element?

He can divide an HTML file into categories or classes

TO link a style sheet to a Web page the <link> tag must use "stylesheet" as the value for the ____property

rel property

TO link a style sheet to a Web page the <link> tag must use "text/css" as the value for the ____property

type property

The part of the style statement that identifies the page elements is called the:


In a style sheet using classes, the tag and the classname are separated by a:


Any word can used as a classname, as long as it does not contain a:


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