Made in the holy spirit chapter 7 review

John the Baptist
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bethluhemwhere was jesus bornnazerathin what town did jesus grow upcanawhere did jesus turn the water into winemt tagorWhere did the transfiguration occurriver jordonIn what river was Jesus baptizedbaptism, eucarist and confirmationWhat are the sacraments of initiationreconsiliation and anointiong of the sickwhat are the sacracments of healingmatrimony and holy orderswhat are the Sacraments at the service communionwisdom, understanding, councel, knowledge, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lordwhat are the gifts of the holy spiritwisdomthe ability to put God first and to love the things of GodDocter of the churchThough Catherine had little education, in 1970 she was named a whatunderstandingwhen you regonize that we are all brothers and sisters with the responsibleity to care for one anothercouncelhelps us to know what to do in life, to make good decisions, and to accept our responseiblity for one anotherknowlegdeusing your expirences and faith to act according to Jesus' messagefortitudegives you inner strength to do what is right in the face difficultiespietyhelps us love and worship GodFear of the Lordkeeps us from affending God, mrveling at God's greatnessGifts of the holy spiritseven spiritual, permenent gifts recived at baptism and strenthened at confirmationshe was founded by Christ, she is guided by the holy spirit, and she leads all people to holynesswhy is the church holythe holy spiritWhere does the power of the holy come fromthrough the sacramentswhat is the primary way to participate in the churches holynesseveryonewho is supose to be holyunitedWhat best discribes the members of the church