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the belief that states coukld block or over rule the actions of the federal government

state's rights

one who wanted to free the slaves


the withdrawl of a state from the union


information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause


the name of the governme3nt formeed by the southern states when they seceded from the union in the early 1860s

Confederate States of America

to volunteer to join the army


a one-time reward for enlisting


a draft; compulsory enlistment for military service





Bailey's dam




Confiscation Act


Emancipation Proclamation

The __________ came after years of struggle over the issues of __________ and __________. Some supporters of ____________ believed that states had the right to ________ the Union

Civil war, slavery, states rights, states rights, leave

________________ wanted to get rid of slavery


________ was a major issue in the ______ etection. __________________ won the election of 1860. The South was filled with talk of ____________

Slavery, 1860, Abraham Lincoln, secession

Was secession a ________ or wait it _________?

right, treason

On January 26,1861 the Secession Convention voted to adopt the _________________________. On March 21, 1861, the Republic of Louisiana joined the ____________________. The Civil War began on _______________ at Foprt Sumter, S. Carolina

Ordinance of Secession, Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, April 12 1861

The Condederacy needed an _______


Some factories were converted to make ________ and ________.

uniforms, weapons

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