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A religion where people worship the forces of nature that they believe exist in everything.

Autonomous Religion

Each individual congregation controls themselves.


Leader of the Roman Catholic Church , with the official title of Bishop of the Diocese of Rome.


Is the head of a province or Arch-Diocese.
Under the Pope.


Head of a diocese. Reports to the Arch-Bishop.


Leads an individual parish. Under Bishop.


A large organizational unit in the catholic church and is led by an Arch-Bishop.


A medium sized organizational unit in the Catholic Church. Led by a Bishop.


An individual church/congregation in the catholic church. Led by a priest.


A large division in a religion.


A class system in hinduism consisting of the priest, warrior, merchant, and agricultural classes with the untouchables at the bottom.


A smaller division within a branch, for organizational purposes. Main beliefs are the same but details vary between denominations.

Ethnic Religion

A religion that is not trying to convert new members to their religion. Usually has something very specific to do with the physical characteristics of the heart, or the ethnic group it originated with.

Intrafaith Boundary

Where two divisions of the same religion meet.

Interfaith Boundary

Where two different religions meet.


Outside of a religion. Not atheist, just doesn't support any one religion.


A smaller group within a denomination, or a small group that broke of from a branch or denomination.


The way in which the universe was made. The study of the universe through religion.


Spiritual leader in animism who was believed to have the power to conjure up spirits.

Universalizing Religion

A religion that tries to convert new members. Is not dependent on the place of origin to perform religious ceremonies (portable).


Started in the 19th century and was a movement by Jews who wanted to return to the promised land.

Hierarchical Religion

A very structured religion that has a set chain of command and people have to follow the orders of the person above them.


The worship of only one God.


Someone from a universalizing religion that tries to convert other people to their religion.


The worship of many gods.


A religious journey.


A region where jews were forced to live.


A person who is polytheistic and usually belongs to an ethnic religion. Comes from the Latin word for countryside.


Belief system that is based a God, gods, spirit, or spirits that helps to give meaning to peoples' lives.


The practice of believing in two different religions.

Syncratic Religion

A religion formed from the combination of two different religions.


A religion in which followers believe in the Holy Trinity, the Old and New Testament, and that Jesus is God's son who came to Earth to redeem our sins.

Roman Catholicism

A highly structured form of Christianity in which people believe that God conveys his grace through seven sacraments.

Orthodox Christianity

A form of Christianity in which followers believe in the seven sacraments like Catholics but do not support any Catholic documents made after about 800 B.C.

Protestant Christianity

A form of Christianity consisting of many denominations that does not believe in the seven sacraments and believes that everyone is responsible for their own personal salvation.


A religion that Believes the old testament and theFive Pillars Of Faith.


A Muslim who supports Ali and his heirs, the Ayatollahs.


Muslims who accept the control of Caliphs.


A highly autonomous religion that believes in the Four Noble Truths.


A form of Buddhism that tries to help as many people as possible through less strict rules. Emphasizes Buddha's later life and helping others.


A monk who believes that the only way to be a good Buddhist is by giving up worldly goods/possessions and living a life of self-inspection. Emphasizes Buddha's early life and self-help.


A religion who's followers believe that it is up to the individual to reach Nirvana through the Four Paths.


A religion in which people believe that only God is perfect but humans are capable of continual improvement. Have a specific way of dress.


A religion in which people want to overcome the disunity of religions with one universal religion.


A form of Hinduism which worships Nishnu, a loving god incarnated as Krishna.


A form of Hinduism which worships Siva, a protective and destructive god.


An ethnic religion that believes in "li" or correct behavior.


An ethnic religion which believes in the Dao, which is the way or path.


An ethnic religion in Japan that considers forces of nature and the Emperor of Japan to be divine.


A group of people who believe in the Old Testament and that they are God's chosen people. Also believe that it is their divine right to the promised land (Jerusalem and Israel).

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