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Story Questions "Stone Fox" Chapters 1-4

What did little Willy's grandfather do for a living?
He raised potatoes.
Why did Doc Smith not pay any attention to little Willy at first when little Willy said, "Grandfather won't answer me."?
Doc Smith knew that Grandfather was always playing tricks.
What was wrong with Grandfather?
He had lost the will to live.
Describe the relationship between Grandfather and little Willy.
They loved each other very much and were very close.
What did little Willy decide to do about the harvest?
He harvested the potato crop himself.
Where did Doc Smith say that Little Willy should go?
He should stay with Doc Smith until they found a permanent home for him.
Where did Doc Smith say that Grandfather should go?
Grandfather should go live with Ms. Peacock, a caregiver for the sick.
Where did Doc Smith say that Searchlight should go?
She should go to live with another farmer.
Explain the code that Grandfather and little Willy worked out since Grandfather could not speak.
Palm up meant "yes." Palm down meant "no." 1 finger meant "hungry." 2 fingers meant "thirsty."
What did little Willy find when he opened the strongbox where the money was kept?
There was no money in the strongbox.
How did Willy get to school? How far did he have to travel to ge there?
Willy got to school by sled. The school was 5 miles from his home.
Compare the way Grandfather and Miss Williams feel about all the questions Willy asks.
Grandfather thought his question-asking was a good thing. Miss Williams thought Willy asked too many questions.
Describe in detail what Clifford Snyder looked like and how he behaved.
He was dressed like he was going to a wedding, and he was short, had a droopy mustache, a small head, and yellow teeth. He was rude, mean, bossy, impatient, and ill-tempered.
What had Clifford Snyder come to see Grandfather?
to collect taxes on the farm
Why does Searchlight act in an unusual way when she sees Clifford Snyder?
Clifford pointed a gun at Searchlight.
How much money did Grandfather owe in taxes?
Why is Chapter 4 titled, "The Reason"?
This chapter explains why Grandfather is sick.
What evidence shows that Willy is smart?
Little Willy is only 10 years old, and he is able to run the farm on his own. He took care of everything that Grandfather had normally done.
Who is the author of the book? Why did he write the book?
John Reynolds Gardiner is the author and he wrote the book to entertain young readers.
This book is written for whom?
He wrote this book for children looking for an adventure story.
Be able to sequence events in the story.
Be able to choose a statement from Stone Fox which contains a cause-effect relationship.