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  1. Who was George Mason?
  2. How did Shays' rebellion end?
  3. What created a weak central government and gave supremacy to the states?
  4. Define right of deposit.
  5. What is another name for the Great Compromise?
  1. a Permission to leave goods for later collection.
  2. b The Massachusetts militia put down the rebellion.
  3. c The Connecticut Compromise
  4. d A well known Antifederalist.
  5. e The Articles of Confederation.

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  1. ratification
  2. To discuss revision of the Articles of Confederation
  3. Spain
  4. Federalism
  5. How slaves would be counted for representation and taxation.

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  1. Who was missing at the Constitutional Convention?Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Patrick Henry.


  2. What did the states want from a national government?Articles of Confederation


  3. An uprising in Massachusetts by farmers who could not pay their taxes and whose farms were being foreclosed.The Federal Government


  4. Name the two house of our American government.Articles of Confederation


  5. Under the Virginia Plan - what would representation be based upon?Articles of Confederation