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  1. Impose or raise a tax
  2. What was the purpose of the 1787, Philadelphia Convention?
  3. Who led the farmer rebellion in Massachusetts?
  4. Act of formal approval
  5. What did Antifederalists fear?
  1. a That the federal government would abuse its power. That the President would become a king.That the legislature could dominate the states. There was no guarantee of people's rights
  2. b ratification
  3. c To discuss revision of the Articles of Confederation
  4. d Levy
  5. e Daniel Shays

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  1. The Massachusetts militia put down the rebellion.
  2. The states
  3. Population and wealth.
  4. Name the two main weaknesses of the federal government under the Articles of Confederation.
  5. Antifederalists

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  1. Addition to a documentAmendment


  2. What is a system of government in which power is shared between he states and the national government?Federalism


  3. A form of government when citizens elect representatives to govern for them.Population and wealth.


  4. Why did the smaller states object to the Virginia Plan?They thought that representation based upon population would give the large states more power.


  5. An uprising in Massachusetts by farmers who could not pay their taxes and whose farms were being foreclosed.Shay's Rebellion