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  1. How did Shays' rebellion end?
  2. Under the Articles of Confederation, who had the authority to tax?
  3. Under the Articles of Confederation, who had the power to enforce laws?
  4. The first plan for our national government.
  5. Lands northwest of the Appalachian Mountains, covered by the Land Ordinance of 1785
  1. a The Massachusetts militia put down the rebellion.
  2. b The states.
  3. c Articles of Confederation
  4. d Northwest Territory
  5. e The states

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  1. Levy
  2. Permission to leave goods for later collection.
  3. Amendment
  4. Federalists
  5. To convince people to approve of the Constitution.

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  1. A system in which more than one-half of a group holds power to make decisions binding the entire group.Majority Rule


  2. Who believed that the Constitution needed a Bill of Rights?Antifederalists


  3. National law making body formed by the Articles of Confederation.Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Patrick Henry.


  4. What is a system of government in which power is shared between he states and the national government?Federalism


  5. Who was missing at the Constitutional Convention?Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Patrick Henry.


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