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  1. Supporters of the Constitution called themselves...
  2. Who was George Mason?
  3. Define bicameral.
  4. Why did America's leaders want a republic, not a monarchy?
  5. A form of government when citizens elect representatives to govern for them.
  1. a Federalists
  2. b Republicanism
  3. c A well known Antifederalist.
  4. d A two-house law making body.
  5. e To prevent a tyranny

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  1. ratification
  2. To discuss revision of the Articles of Confederation
  3. The judicial branch
  4. Land Ordinance of 1785
  5. Permission to leave goods for later collection.

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  1. Under the Articles of Confederation, who had the power to declare war?The Federal Government


  2. Which proposed plan of government provided for a bicameral legislature and 3-branches of government?The Virginia or Large State Plan


  3. Place where weapons are kept.Arsenal


  4. The first plan for our national government.Articles of Confederation


  5. What did the states want from a national government?Articles of Confederation