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  1. 1787 meeting at which the U.S. Constitution was created.
  2. In which of part of our bicameral legislature is representation equal?
  3. Act of formal approval
  4. How did Shays' rebellion end?
  5. What created a weak central government and gave supremacy to the states?
  1. a Constitutional Convention
  2. b The Senate
  3. c The Articles of Confederation.
  4. d The Massachusetts militia put down the rebellion.
  5. e ratification

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  1. The legislature.
  2. Permission to leave goods for later collection.
  3. To protest high state taxes.
  4. Patrick Henry, George Mason, and Mercy Otis Warren.
  5. Majority Rule

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  1. Name the two main weaknesses of the federal government under the Articles of Confederation.Confederation Congress


  2. Which proposed plan of government provided for a bicameral legislature and 3-branches of government?The Virginia or Large State Plan


  3. Law that established governmental structure in the land west of the Appalachians.Northwest Ordinance of 1787


  4. Lands northwest of the Appalachian Mountains, covered by the Land Ordinance of 1785Federalists


  5. Supporters of the Constitution called themselves...Federalists


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