25 terms

Le futur

Je voudrai
I will want
Tu mettras
You will put on
Il tombera
He will fall
Nous mangerons
We will eat
Ils seront
They will be
Tu devras étudier.
You will have to study.
Je devrai
I will have to
Elle verra
She will see
Je viendrai
I will come
Tu voudras
You will want
Ils feront
They will make
Nous courrons
We will run
Je serai
I will be
Il y aura
There will be
Nous aurons
We will have
Nous choisirons
We will choose
Tu attendras
You will wait for
Nous serons
We will be
Nous irons
We will go
Tu iras
You will go
Nous devras aller
We will have to go
Nous dormirons
We will sleep
Tu partiras
You will leave
Je prendrai
I will take
Nous emporterons
We will bring