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AT&T Stadium Facts


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When did AT&T Stadium Open?
May 27, 2009
Where is the stadium?
Arlington Texas
What is the stadium located near?
Texas Rangers Stadium
How much did the stadium cost?
$1.15 billion
How long does it take the retractable doors to open?
18 minutes
How big are the retractable doors?
180 ft long x 120 ft high; largest in the world
How large is the glass wall?
800 feet
Who designed the stadium?
HKS Architects, Inc.
What does the retractable roof emulate?
The opening/hole in the roof of Texas Stadium
Where is the name most visible?
Flying over the stadium
How many guest entrances are in the stadium?
What is the main seating capacity?
How many seats can the stadium expand to?
How many suites?
How many club seats?
How much did the NFL contribute to the building of the stadium?
$150 million
How far below street level is the field?
50 ft
How many rows back is the Hall of Fame level from the field?
21 rows
How large is the screen?
Runs from the 25 yard line to the 25 yard line
When did AT&T purchase the rights to the stadium?
What was the first event?
George Strait concert
What was the first game played?
NY Giants in Sept 2009
How many Super Bowls have been hosted there?
1- Super Bowl XLV in 2011
What major event was just held there
ACMAs- Academy of Country Music Awards
Who hosted the most recent major event?
Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton
What role did the cheerleaders play in the major event?
They handed out awards to the artists
How many levels are in AT&T Stadium?
What are the levels in the Stadium?
Main, Event, Hall of Fame, Mid-Concourse, Ring of Honor, Silver, Star, Upper-Concourse