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Cerebral Cortex

Pg. 74-83
Cerebral Cortex
Regulates bodily control and gathering of information. Made up of neural cells.
Glial Cells
Cells of the nervous system that act as "parents" for parents.
Motor Cortex
At the back of frontal lobes. Controls movement.
Sensory Cortex
Recieves "messages" about body motion from motor cortex.
Association Areas
Areas of the brain involved in thought process.
Language impairment. Caused by damage to left side of the brain. Results may vary.
Broca's Area
In left hemisphere. Controls language and weak muscles. Named for Paul Broca.
Wenicke's Area
In left temporal lobe. Controls how we view language.
Angular Gyrus
Transforms words into being understood.
The brain's self allowance of modification.