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  1. Academie Royal de la Danse
  2. Era of High Court Dance
  3. Anna Pavlova
  4. griot
  5. djembe
  1. a African historian who uses dance and song to keep traditions
  2. b a single headed african drum
  3. c The first official school of ballet
  4. d Famous ballerina from Ballet Ruses
  5. e 1600s-1700s

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  1. Established the five positions of the feet
  2. an abnormal inward curvature of the vertebral column
  3. over-curvature of the thoracic vertebrae
  4. Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere
  5. A dance form that started in the Royal Courts of Europe; A story told through dance

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  1. Early dance was used to...Used to honor specific gods


  2. Chorea/KoreiaA change in the drumming rhythm that tells a dancer when to stop, start, or change steps


  3. George BalanchineThe producer of Ballet Ruses


  4. Serge DiaghilevEstablished the School of American Ballet


  5. bambaraA wrap skirt worn when dancing west African dance