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  1. Vaslav Nijinsky
  2. griot
  3. Serge Diaghilev
  4. kyphosis
  5. Lapa
  1. a male ballet dancer that presented sexual and unconventional movements to ballet
  2. b The producer of Ballet Ruses
  3. c A wrap skirt worn when dancing west African dance
  4. d over-curvature of the thoracic vertebrae
  5. e African historian who uses dance and song to keep traditions

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  1. a double headed african drum
  2. Tell myths
  3. The first official school of ballet
  4. Established the School of American Ballet
  5. A traditional dance form originating from the common people of a nation or region

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  1. Ballet RusesA dance form that started in the Royal Courts of Europe; A story told through dance


  2. BreakA wrap skirt worn when dancing west African dance


  3. African Mask and CostumesA dance form characterized by athleticism, deep contractions, and sharp angles


  4. Goal of ballet training1300s-1400s


  5. bambaraan ethnic group in Mali