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  1. Vaslav Nijinsky
  2. Pierre Beauchamp
  3. King Louis XIV
  4. Anna Pavlova
  5. Ballet
  1. a French king who popularized ballet in Europe
  2. b male ballet dancer that presented sexual and unconventional movements to ballet
  3. c A dance form that started in the Royal Courts of Europe; A story told through dance
  4. d Famous ballerina from Ballet Ruses
  5. e Established the five positions of the feet

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  1. A wrap skirt worn when dancing west African dance
  2. A dance form characterized by athleticism, deep contractions, and sharp angles
  3. One of the first combinations of costume designers, composers, choreographers, and ballet dancers to create a large scale ballet company
  4. Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere
  5. Tell myths

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  1. George BalanchineEstablished the School of American Ballet


  2. doun dounthe dance of the strong men or wrestlers


  3. griotA change in the drumming rhythm that tells a dancer when to stop, start, or change steps


  4. African Mask and CostumesUsed to honor specific gods


  5. WolofAfrican historian who uses dance and song to keep traditions