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conversion disorder

Condition marked by physical symptoms with no organic basis, appearing as a result of anxiety and unconscious inner conflict.


Unstable; undergoing rapid emotional change.


Recurrent intense sexual urge, fantasy, or behavior that involves unusual objects, activities, or situations.

projective test

Uses unstructured stimuli to evoke responses reflecting aspects of an individual's personality.

somatoform disorder

Presence of physical symptoms that cannot be explained by an actual physical disorder or other well-described mental disorder such as depression.


Drugs that lessen anxiety, tension, agitation, and panic attacks.

insight-oriented therapy

Patient tells his story and has opportunity to connect emotional patterns in his or her life history with present concerns.


Used to treat mania.

neuroleptic drug

Any drug that favorably modifies psychotic symptoms.


Psychoanalytic process in which the patient relates to the therapist as though the therapist were a prominent childhood figure.

to seize hold of








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