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Govt. Test 3

Which of the following is not usually considered a function of political parties?
The Republican party was formed
as a coalition of proslavery rights.
The original party system in the United States pitted the Federalists, supported by ______ against the Jeffersonian Republicans, supported by _______.
merchants; agrarian interests
The authors of the textbook argue that one of the major factors responsible for the relatively low rates of voter turnout that characterize U.S. national elections is
the decline of political parties.
Who was the founder of the Democratic Party?
Andrew Jackson
The process by which a party selects a single candidate to run for an elective office is defined as a
After thirty-six years of dominating U.S. political life, the Republican Party lost power after _________ began.
the Great Depression
In general, which party tends to favor lower taxes and few social programs?
A proportional-representation electoral system is
a multiple-member district system that gives each political party representation in proportion to its percentage of the total vote.
Which of the following reasons best explains the short lives of third parties?
Their causes are usually eliminated by the ability of the major parties to absorb their programs and to draw their supporters into the mainstream.
What was George Washington's relationship with political parties in early America?
He thought political parties were a terrible idea.
Which person came up with the "southern strategy" to get white southerners to start voting Republican?
Richard Nixon
Partisan ties in the United States have __________ in recent years.
Which party has controlled the White House for most of the last thirty years?
Compared with political parties in Europe, parties in the United States have always seemed
Members of the House of Representatives are selected by
single-member districts.
In the 2000 presidential race, George Bush won Missouri 50 percent to 47 percent. How many of Missouri's eleven electoral votes did Bush get in 2000?
What was the impact of the 2002 Campaign Finance Reform law?
It reduced the role of parties in financing campaigns.
In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, election campaigns tended to be more _________ than today's campaigns.
labor intensive
If the winner of an election is whoever receives the most votes, regardless of the percentage of votes received, the candidate has been running under a ________ system.
Between the 1830s and World War II, national convention delegates were generally selected by
state party leaders.
The "______________ counties" were traditional Republican strongholds in the post-Civil War era.
The Texas Constitution and elections law consider the Texas primary system to be a(n) _________ primary.