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Nutrition Exam #3.1

Research has shown that the risk for neural tube defects is lowered by taking supplements of
ultraviolet light
Riboflavin is most easily destroyed when exposed to
Attaches to an enzyme and allows a chemical reaction to take place
Which of the following describes the basic function of a coenzyme?
The appearance of vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms may be delayed due to high intake of supplements of
Hot dog
Of the following foods, which would be the only source of vitamin B12?
soy milk
which is the richest food source of thiamin
Tryptophan can be used in the body to synthesize
vitamin A
Cooking a food in liberal amounts of water is least likely to affect the vitamin content of
vitamin b6
Irreversible nerve damage has been reported in people taking large doses of
What is the primary excretory route for the water-soluble vitamins?
green leafy vegetables
what is the food highest in folate
rough skin
pellagra means?
Of the following commonly eaten foods, which makes the greatest contribution to riboflavin intake
Coenzymes needed for energy metabolism are produced in insufficient amounts
Which of the following explains why B vitamin deficiencies lead to lack of energy?
Beriberi results from a deficiency of
vitamin B12 or folate
A similar type of anemia is produced when there is a deficiency of either
nucleic acid synthesis
Which of the following activities is shared by vitamin B12 and folate
Among the following, which would be the best source of Niacin Equivalents
For every man who has type I osteoporosis, about how many women have it?
A person seeking good sources of vitamin A would not select
All of the following organs are required for the complete synthesis of activated vitamin D except
free radical
A molecule that is unstable and highly reactive because it contains unpaired electrons
Vitamin E
Increasing the amount of polyunsaturated fats in the diet increases the need for vitamin
Consuming high-dose vitamin A supplements
Which of the following is likely to induce vitamin A toxicity in adults?
green leafy vegetables
What type of foods should be controlled in individuals taking anticoagulant medicines
Which of the following is most likely to occur from a prolonged dietary deficiency of vitamin A?
prevented possible bleeding
Thomas received an intramuscular injection of vitamin K, and she wondered why this was done, as it made him cry. You explained that it
skin yellowing
Which of the following is the most likely side effect for a person who regularly consumes large quantities of carrots or carrot juice?
A protein needed for blood clot formation
Which of the following is the name of the vitamin A compound that is active in the visual response
Approximately what percentage of the body's calcium is found in the blood
Vitamin D
A child with bowed legs is likely deficient in vitamin
All of the following are good plant sources of calcium for the body except
John is looking to increase his dietary sources of vitamin C. However, he expresses a strong dislike for all citrus fruits. Which of the following shopping lists would you recommend?
What is the major carrier of the fat-soluble vitamins from the intestinal epithelial cell to the circulation?
bleeding gums
Which of the following is an early sign of vitamin C deficiency?
Vitamin K
Which of the following vitamins is synthesized by intestinal bacteria?
female gender
Protective factors for osteoporosis include all of the following except
vegetable oils
Which of the following are major sources of vitamin E in the diet?
vitamin b3
pellagra results from a deficiency of