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Vowels / Quad + r-colored, and dipthongs

Small, L. (2012). Fundamentals of Phonetics: A Practical Guide for Students. Upper Saddle River: Pearson. Chapter 4
5 r colored vowels
1. "lure" /lUr/ Ur
2. "care" /k3r/ 3 r
3. "fear" /f I r/ I r
4. "bore" /b c r/ c r
5. "car" /k a r/ a r
5 dipthongs
1. "bye" /a I / or //
2. "boy" / c I/
3. "cow" /aU/
4. "bay" /eI/
5. "no" /oU/
point vowels
i, ae, a, u
front vowels
i, I, e, (3), ae,
back vowels
u, U, o, (c), (a) special [a]
central vowels
shwa, carrot / "upsidedown V",
shwar, "flighing 3"
Vowel Classifications
A. Tongue Height
B. Tongue Advancement
C. Lip Rounding
D. Tenseness or Lax
E. The Vowel Quadrilateral