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The terminal branches of the external carotid artery

Superficial temporal a. and maxillary a.
What is the different parts of the maxillary artery?
Retromandibular, pterygoid and pterygopalatine part
Which branches rises superior and inferior from the first part?
Superior: Deep auricular, anterior tympanic and middle meningeal artery. Inferior: Inferior alveolar artery
What is the name of the branch coming from the middle meningeal artery?
The superior tympanic artery
Which branches rises superior and inferior from the pterygoid part?
Superior: Deep temporal artery. Inferior: Masseteric branches, Pterygoid branches and the Buccal artery
Which branches rises superior and inferior from the pterygopalatine part? What is the terminating branch of the maxillary?
Superior: Artery of pterygoid canal and Sphenopalatine artery. Inferior: Posterior superior alevolar artery, Descending palatine artery and pharyngeal branch. The terminal branch is the infraorbital artery
Which artery anastomose the maxillary a. with the internal carotid a.?
The artery of pterygo canal
Which branch gives rise to the anterior superior and middle superior alveolar artery?
The terminal branch, infraorbital artery
Which branches rises from the descending palatine artery?
The lesser palatine and the greater palatine artery
Superficial temporal artery divides into which branches?
Frontal and parietal branch
The superficial temporal artery gives rise to which arteries?
Transverse facial artery, middle temporal artery and the zygomatico-orbital artery
What does the artery of pterygoid canal supply? and the pharyngeal artery?
Artery of the pterygoid canal: Upper part of the pharynx, pharyngotympanic tube and the tympanic cavity. Pharyngeal artery: Roof of the nose and pharynx, sphenoid sinus and pharyngotympanic tube.
What does the infraorbital artery supply?
Lower eyelid, lacrimal sac, upper lip and the cheek. Also gives rise to branches that supplies canine, incisor and maxillary sinus.
What does the sphenopalatine artery supply? Pathway and relation to other structures?
Goes through the sphenopalatine foramin in company with the nasopalatine branch of the maxillary nerve. It supplies the nasal cavity, the conchae, meatus and paranasal sinuses.
What does the Posterior-superior alveolar arteries supply? What about the inferior alveolar?
Post-sup alv. a.: Molar, premolar teeth and the maxillary sinus. Inf. alv. a.: Follows the inferior alvolar nerve, gives of the mylohyoid branch and supplies the tissues of the chin and lower teeth inside the mandibular canal.