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  1. *Good Nutrition in Pregnancy
  2. Pica
  3. *Weight gain goals in pregnancy: Low BMI
  4. *Risks of Obesity
  5. Alcohol
  1. a Pre-eclampsia
    Dereased VBAC success
    Instrumental delivery
    Shoulder dystocia
    meconium aspiration
    fetal distress
    early neonatal death
    increased NTD and cardiac defects
    Contraceptive failure
    lower prolactin rise in 1st week PP
  2. b discouraged in TOTAL
    Teratogenic: FAS
    Interferes with judgement, nutrition, employment, relationships, and safety in driving and balance
  3. c Critical for health of mother and newborn
    Is often first indicator of attachment issues and other psychological and emotional problems
  4. d Ingestion of non-food substances
    Non-judgmental attitude is important
    Teach, supplement, refer to WIC
    Women are often frightened by these urges, support and normalize!
  5. e BMI of < 18.5
    28-40 lbs

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  1. BMI of 18.5-24.9
    25-35 lbs
  2. weight loss
    exercise programs
    variatric surgery
    stabilization of known medical problems
  3. careful external monitoring 0 difficult; consider internal monitoring
    Upright or Fowler's
    BP: serial with correct size cuff
    pulse oximetry
    Careful glucose monitoring and selection of IV fluids
    Right size wheelchair and bed should be anticipated
    Prevention of DVTs: heparin, compression devices, early ambulation
    Team to ambulate
  4. interferes with ability to use and store calcium
    replaces the drinking of water or other nutrients
    increases HR and preeption of stress
    decreases appetite
    increases stomach acid
  5. Everything that goes into you, goes into baby. Mostly need fluid (water), increasing about a quart a day above norm

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  1. Herbs to avoid in pregnancyNo change in:

    Double B12 (careful with Vegans! They need extra!)
    folic acid need increases 50%


  2. Other nutrients in PregnancyNo change in:

    Double B12 (careful with Vegans! They need extra!)
    folic acid need increases 50%


  3. FAS: SxLifetime medical cost of $5 million
    CNS impairment of IQ, memory and attention
    impulsive behavior
    poor social relationships
    "looks just like mom or dad" (family hx)


  4. Folic Acid400 mg/day pre-pregnancy
    600 mg/day in pregnancy
    500 mg/day while lactating
    Natural sources include:
    Whole grains


  5. IronPrg induces a pseudoanemia
    Use ferrous to supplement, not ferric
    30 mg/day
    looks like M&Ms--watch w/kids