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  1. Calories increase in pregnancy
  2. Pathophysiological changes r/t obesity
  3. Iron
  4. Caffeine in Pregnancy
  5. *Weight gain goals in pregnancy: obese BMI
  1. a increased infection rate r/t changes in glucose
    increased risk of thrombophlebitis and embolism
  2. b Prg induces a pseudoanemia
    Use ferrous to supplement, not ferric
    30 mg/day
    looks like M&Ms--watch w/kids
  3. c 300-500/day
    400-500/day for lactation
    surprisingly less than people think
  4. d BMI of > 30
    15 lbs
  5. e interferes with ability to use and store calcium
    replaces the drinking of water or other nutrients
    increases HR and preeption of stress
    decreases appetite
    increases stomach acid

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  1. weight loss
    exercise programs
    variatric surgery
    stabilization of known medical problems
  2. BMI of < 18.5
    28-40 lbs
  3. discouraged in TOTAL
    Teratogenic: FAS
    Interferes with judgement, nutrition, employment, relationships, and safety in driving and balance
  4. foods
  5. cultural, social, personal and genetic expression

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  1. SmokingVasocontriction of mother causes hypoxemia
    chronic hypoxemia
    carbon monoxide
    fetus 1 cig = 3 in terms of effects
    patches and gum are possibly teratogenic


  2. People low in calciumteens
    birth control users


  3. Other factors for weight gain besides BMINo change in:

    Double B12 (careful with Vegans! They need extra!)
    folic acid need increases 50%


  4. Folic AcidIngestion of non-food substances
    Non-judgmental attitude is important
    Teach, supplement, refer to WIC
    Women are often frightened by these urges, support and normalize!


  5. *Labor Considerationscareful external monitoring 0 difficult; consider internal monitoring
    Upright or Fowler's
    BP: serial with correct size cuff
    pulse oximetry
    Careful glucose monitoring and selection of IV fluids
    Right size wheelchair and bed should be anticipated
    Prevention of DVTs: heparin, compression devices, early ambulation
    Team to ambulate