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  1. Other factors for weight gain besides BMI
  2. Protein
  3. Why care about weight?
  4. *Prenatal Considerations
  5. Folic Acid
  1. a Weight gain often correlates w/nutrients
    optimal: ongoing sustenance for fetus, not sporadic nutrition
    This can be an indicator of investment into pregnancy and future parenting!
  2. b 400 mg/day pre-pregnancy
    600 mg/day in pregnancy
    500 mg/day while lactating
    Natural sources include:
    Whole grains
  3. c 1 hr glucose challenge at FIRST prenatal visit
    If diabetes in found, goals are 70-95 fasting, <120 postprandial
    Diabetes education in 1st trimester is essential to decrease teratogenesis
    BP: appropriate cuff size, sitting
    US: appropriate dating and to ID anomalies
    Weight gain 15-25 lbs
    DVT risk: prophlylactic heparin/enoxaparin
    Anesthesia consult during 3rd trimester
  4. d twin pregnancy is 35-45 lbs
    triplets is 50 lbs
    age (teens still growing)
    activity level
    special needs r/t other health concerns
  5. e 60-70g/day in prg
    Too little causes:
    poor uterine tone
    prg loss
    small infants

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  1. BMI of 18.5-24.9
    25-35 lbs
  2. interferes with ability to use and store calcium
    replaces the drinking of water or other nutrients
    increases HR and preeption of stress
    decreases appetite
    increases stomach acid
  3. 300-500/day
    400-500/day for lactation
    surprisingly less than people think
  4. 2-4 total in 1st tri
    1 lb/day in 2nd and 3rd
  5. increased infection rate r/t changes in glucose
    increased risk of thrombophlebitis and embolism

5 True/False questions

  1. food as an expressioncultural, social, personal and genetic expression


  2. *Weight gain goals in pregnancy: overweight BMIBMI of 25-29.9
    15-25 lbs


  3. Preconception CareMonitor closely for infection
    wound dehiscence: be careful w/staple removal
    Respectful care


  4. Nutritionfoods


  5. Herbs to avoid in pregnancyNo change in:

    Double B12 (careful with Vegans! They need extra!)
    folic acid need increases 50%