35 terms

Medical Office Procedures MED 1080

CPU is abbreviation for
central processing unit
thumb drives are also know as
flash drives
al of the foolwing are cassified as computer perpherals execpt
the computer acronym RAM stands for
random access memory
the computer stoftware used to create spreadsheets is called
Microsoft excel
microsoft powerpoint is software used to creat
presentation slides
Malware refers to computer
microsoft word is a ______ software
word processing
google is a(n)
internet search engine
hipaa regulations require medical offices to prevent unauthorized computer data access by installing
firewall technology virus-detection software passwords.the answer is all of the above
which agency oversees the implementation of provacy fregulations in the medical office?
an equipment maintance log is used to detemine and verify
last date of inspection, equipment age, equipment repair,
the answer is all of the above
the administrative medical assistant uses what equipment to calculate daily bank deposits
ten key calculators
drug samples in the medical office are supplied by
pharmaceutical representatives.
the purpose seved by writing the puchase date on equipment is
tracking the age of the equipment, tracking the date a piece of equipment was leased tracking warranty expiration the answer is all of the above
EPA stands for
enviromental protection agency
out-of-stock office items cause the medical office to
incur higher reordering expenses reschedule appointments reschedule procedures the answer is all of the above
the key to effective suppply management is office
inventory control
____requires healthcare staff to be trained in safety regulations
the policies-and-procedures manual should begin with an office_____ statement thai is concise and communicated to all medical office staff.
a personal manual is also known as a(n)
employee handbook
employee safety regulations in the workplace are identified under
an office_______ identifies the position and titles of alll personal
organizational chart
a___describes how to perform specific tasks in the medical office setting
generally offices give new employees a copy of the personnel manual
after hire during orientation
medical asistants must only perform those skills that they have been trained to perform this is referred to as
scope of practice
medical emergencies that occur in the office require all medical staff to be trained in
standard-precautions techniques cpr and first aid the heimlich manuever answer is all of the above
the abbreviation cpr stands for
cardiopulmonary resuscitation
dr.cass stated that a patient in the examination room is experincing syncope this medical term means
feeling faint
aed stands for
automatic external defibrillator
a patient wha has gone into shock exhibits which signs
rapid wek pulse shallow respirations dilated pupils cool skin and extreme thirst
patients experincing____ will rquire oxygen administered to them via an oxygen mask
respiratory distress
during a fire you should
crawl low underr any smoke on the way to the exit
instruction in cpr is offered through wihich agency
american red cross
infection-control techniques are also known as
standard precautions