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  1. macules
  2. tepid water
  3. papules
  4. First degree burn
  5. tinea
  1. a lukewarm water
  2. b flat, discolored spots as in measles or freckles
  3. c fungal infection with ring-shaped patches
  4. d superficial burn to the epidermis
  5. e small, solid, raised spots as in chickenpox

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  1. scrape
  2. localized area of blood that is confined to one area.
  3. areas of dried body secretions such as scabs
  4. natural protective covering; another name for the skin
  5. chronic skin condition causing red, white or silver patches, itching and discomfort

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  1. vesiclesraised spots filled with watery fluid, such as a blister


  2. gangrenedeath of tissue


  3. melaninlayer of skin under the epidermis that contains blood vessels, nerve fibers,and glands


  4. contusionmechanical injury to the skin often caused by a blow resulting in hemorrage beneath the unbroken skin (bruise)


  5. skin tearsviral infection caused by same virus as chicken pox