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  1. wheals
  2. nodules
  3. excoriations
  4. Kaposi's sarcoma
  5. crusts
  1. a a cancer that usually occurs in persons with HIV disease and men over the age of 60
  2. b portions of the skin appear scraped or scratched away.
  3. c small, knotlike protrusions; small masses of tissue
  4. d large, raised irregular areas frequently associated with itching, as in hives
  5. e areas of dried body secretions such as scabs

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  1. material causing sensitivity
  2. ususual redness
  3. raised spots filled with watery fluid, such as a blister
  4. mechanical injury to the skin often caused by a blow resulting in hemorrage beneath the unbroken skin
  5. body shell

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  1. allergiesmaterial causing sensitivity


  2. contraindicatedlukewarm water


  3. skin tearsshallow injuries in which the epidermis is torn. The shape is often irregular and these are common in the elderly


  4. pediculosislice


  5. Subcutaneous tissueoil glands