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  1. epidermis
  2. pustule
  3. tepid water
  4. nodules
  5. allergies
  1. a outer layer of skin that contains dead cells and no blood vessels
  2. b raised spots filled with pus, as in acne
  3. c sensitivity reactions to a specific material
  4. d lukewarm water
  5. e small, knotlike protrusions; small masses of tissue

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  1. dark purple bruises on the forearms and backs of hands common in the elderly
  2. material causing sensitivity
  3. small, solid, raised spots as in chickenpox
  4. mechanical injury to the skin often caused by a blow resulting in hemorrage beneath the unbroken skin
  5. sweat glands

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  1. sebaceous glandssweat glands


  2. Integumentbody shell


  3. crustsareas of dried body secretions such as scabs


  4. scabiesparasitic disease of the skin that causes a rash and severe itching


  5. Rubraareas of dried body secretions such as scabs