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the apple of one's eye

Someone's favorite person.
Jacob was the apple of Isaac's eye. Esau was not.


The excuse the student gave for not doing his homework was baloney.

to cream someone

to totally beat someone
Real Madrid creamed Barça 7-0.


suspicious, not honest
The student received an A the same day the teacher had a new iPhone. That is very fishy.

to go bananas

to go crazy
When the king appeared on the balcony, the crowd west crazy.

in a pickle

in trouble
When the police came to search his locker, the student knew he was in a pickle.

a lemon

merchandise that is defective
The battery in my new phone only lasts one hour. My phone is a lemon.


crazy, very upset
The teacher gave us 3 hours of homework. He is nuts.

a peach

a very nice person
He shared his ice cream with me. He is a peach.


a small amount of money
The tickets were only $1 a piece, just peanuts.

a piece of cake

something that is very easy to do
School is a piece of cake for the student. He gets all A's and never has to study.

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