Mercedes Transition Words


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in addition; giving more information
Ex: Computer games are getting cheaper by the minute, furthermore, their quality is better.
In addition
giving more information
Ex: In addition to the test, we also had to complete the essay.
in like or similar manner
Ex: He made donations and encouraged others to do likewise.
in addition; giving more information
Ex: The cellar was dark; moreover, mice settled there.
because of the reason that is given; it fits...along the same lines
Ex: She continued to have headaches, and accordingly went to the doctor.
As a result
because of this...
Ex: The storm seemed to get worse, as a result, the tree in the backyard fell, startling us all.
used to show a conclusion is coming
Ex: We heard the warning on the radio; therefore, we hurried home as quickly as possible.
as a consequence of what happened
Ex: My grandfather had a broken back, and consequently had to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
as a result of what I said...
Ex: We have failed to save her, thus, we must pay the consequence.
Above all
above and beyond all other consideration
Ex: Above all, you must be independent in your studies.
In essence
most importantly...
Ex: In essence, the issue could not be solved.
In other words
put another way
Ex: In other words, Maria did not understand the test questions.
in place of, or as an alternative to
Ex: Instead of going to the football game, I had marching band practice.
on the other hand...shows some "opposite" info is coming
Ex: I was a little afraid about getting my ears pierced, however, I still went through with it.
never mind anything else...
Ex: Though the two of us long resented each other, nevertheless, we agreed we should try to get along for the well being of the team.
In contrast
as an opposite
Ex: Her outfit for the football game was very casual in contrast to her uniform for school.
at the same time
Ex: Meanwhile in Canada, snow was falling, a blizzard was sure to come.
at the exact same time
Simulataneously, they looked in the mirror and smiled in approval.
In conclusion
to sum it all up
On the contrary
as an opposite...
On the one hand
for one example
even though
making an additional point; anyway
In particular
In fact
in truth
perfectly; in a perfect situation
In spite of
regardless of
in spite of; no matter about all the rest