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Tuesday Test 2 - Forklift


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What is the leading cause of deadly forklift accidents
Forklift overturns - 25% of all forklift related deaths.
Often seat belt was not in use
know the weight of the load and limits of machine
don't overload the machine
Be careful moving suspended loads in windy conditions
A flashing warning light requires immediate attention by the operator.
warning light illuminates... stop working and investigate problem. ignoring such indicators may cause serious damage to the equipment
What is the upright structure mounted to the front of the forklift chassis?
The mast - it is a frame on which the fork assembly travels
travel with the forks no higher than...
12 to 18 inches above the ground
The knees should be still be slightly bent when each pedal is pushed to its maximum position
If one or both wheels start to spin...
release pressure on the accelerator until the wheels stop spinning. Engage the differential lock and increase pressure on the accelerator
Start - the key is turned to the Start position to activate the starter, which starts the engine.
This position is spring-loaded to return to the On Position when the key is released
Some extension booms can be adjusted...
to different elevation angles
Firmly chock the wheels to...
prevent any movement
Use two-wheel steering when you are traveling, especially on a smooth road
Power hop... The machine may bounce or hop during operation causing a poor ride, load instability, a loss of traction and excessive weaer and tear on the equipment..
The conditions likely to cause power hop are...
dry soil, especially when it is a loose mixture over a hard sub-layer;
pulling soil implements that require a great deal of torque;
and improperly adjusted or connected implements
If the machine senses that a dangerous load stability level is being approached...
an audible alert may sound
When both outriggers are lowered...
the front wheels of the forklift should be off the ground