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  1. denken (dachte, gedacht) an [acc.]
  2. entschuldigen
  3. sanftmütig
  4. der Zug, (pl.) Züge
  5. fremd
  1. a feature, trait, characteristic
  2. b think of/about, have in mind, call to mind
  3. c gentle
  4. d to excuse
  5. e foreign, unfamiliar, strange

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  1. one good turn deserves another
  2. departure, leave-taking, farewell
  3. customer
  4. to speak to, address
  5. to go with, match

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  1. bemerkennotable, remarkable


  2. beschimpfento change (money, clothes)


  3. passen [dat.]to fit, suit, be appropriate to one's liking


  4. das Herz, -enheart


  5. der/ein Fremde(r)human being, person; (pl.) people


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