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17 terms

Motion Vocabulary

change in the position of an object (as judged by a reference point)
reference point
object or location used to judge or measure motion; considered to be stationary
rate at which distance changes
average speed
overall speed for a period of time; calculated as distance divided by time
instantaneous speed
speed at a particular instant (moment in time)
constant speed
speed that does not change
speed and direction
average velocity
overall velocity for a period of time; includes average speed and direction
instantaneous velocity
velocity at a particular instant (moment in time)
constant velocity
occurs when speed and direction do not change
1) rate at which speed or velocity changes 2) occurs whenever velocity (speed or direction) changes
positive acceleration
speeding up
negative acceleration
slowing down
device that indicates the instantaneous speed of a vehicle
another word for negative acceleration
uniform motion
occurs when there is no change in speed or direction (no acceleration); another term for constant velocity
device that indicates distance traveled by a vehicle (such as a car or bike)