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Which of the following statements regarding a personal information system is true?
Single user, procedures informal, problems isolated to single user, easy to manage change, data duplication among employees
Traditional B2C information systems rely on ________ that customers use to enter and manage their orders.
Web storefront
Which of the following is an example of a question that a reporting tool will help address?
Read, process and format data into structured reports and deliver to users.
Used primarily for assessment to answer:
-What has happened in the past?
-What is the current situation?
-How does the current situation compare to the past?
Which of the following is an example of a question that data-mining will help address?
Process data using statistical techniques.
In most cases, used to make predictions.

What is the probability one will default on their loan?
What is the probability that a customer is likely to respond positively to a promotion?
Among the following, which is the best way to distinguish between reporting tools and data-mining tools?
Reporting tools use simple operations such as sorting, grouping and summing, while Data-mining tools use sophisticated statistical techniques.

*It is not always true that reporting tools tend to assess and data-mining tools tend to predict*
Knowledge-management tools differ from reporting and data-mining tools because the source of their data is ________.
Human knowledge

Knowledge-management tools store employee knowledge and make this knowledge available to employees, customers , vendors, etc.
An RFM score of ________ most likely means that a customer has taken its business elsewhere and is probably not worth spending too many marketing resources on.
Five. Scores go from 1-5 in the order of most recent customer orders.

R = Recency of order
F= Frequency of order
M= How much money spent
RFM analysis ranks customers by considering the recency, frequency, and ________ of their orders.
How much money customers have spent (M)
Ajax is one of the customers of a well known linen manufacturing company. Ajax has not ordered linen in some time, but when it did order in the past it ordered frequently, and its orders were of the highest monetary value. Under the given circumstances, Ajax's RFM score is most likely ________.
511 (matches up with bloominghams example) --(page 291 and 292)
A sales team should attempt to up- sell more expensive products to a customer who has an RFM score of ________.
113 (orders recently and frequently, but doesnt order the most expensive goods)
How should a sales team respond to a customer who has an RFM score of 545?
Sales team should not even bother and let the customer go to the competition
Rubber trees is a well known rubber manufacturing company. Bloominghams, one of the customers of Rubber trees holds an RFM score of 111. Which of the following characteristics relates Bloominghams with its RFM score?
Bloominghams has mostly ordered recently, has had the most frequent orders and has bought goods of the highest monetary value.
Which of the following describes a dimension in an OLAP report?
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) dimension is a characteristic of a measure. Examples include: Purchase Date, customer type, customer location, and sale region
Which of the following is true of unsupervised data mining?
With unsupervised data mining, analysts do not create a model or hypothesis before running the analysis.

Hypotheses are made after the analysis

Apply data-mining techniques to the data and observe the results

Cluster analysis is a type of unsupervised data mining - statistical techniques identify groups of entities that have similar characteristics
Which of the following statements is true about operational data?
Operational data is designed to support fast transaction processing and might need to be reformatted to be useful for Business Intelligence systems.

basic reports and simple OLAP analyses can be made directly from operational data

Operational data can be extracted into facilities called data warehouses and data marts to prepare, store and manage data for data mining

Problems include:
-Dirty Data- misspellings, insufficient, etc.
-Missing Values
-Inconsistent Data- Changes in phone numbers, customer addresses
-Data not integrated- Using separate programs to store data
-Wrong granularity- too fine or not fine enough
-Too much data - too many data points and attributes
Which of the following statements of data mart is true?
Data mart is a collection, smaller than a data warehouse, that addresses a particular component or functional area of the businesses.

Like a retail store in a supply chain. Very expensive and more efficient for larger, wealthier organizations

Users obtain data that pertain to a particular business function from the data warehouse.
With a(n) ________ you can subscribe to content sources and be notified when they have been changed
Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
Which of the following observations concerning expert systems is true?
Expert systems attempt to capture human expertise and put it into a format that can be used by non-experts.

Are rule-based systems that use If..then rules similar to those created by decision-tree analysis through data-mining.

These are created by interviewing experts in a given business domain and codifying the rules stated by those experts

Have hundreds of thousands of rules.

-Difficult to maintain
-Difficult and expensive to develop
-Unable to live up to high expectations
Portal servers are like Web servers except that they ________.
Have a customizable user interface
An alert sent to you is an example of ________ technology.
Business Intelligence (BI) server (page 313)
Clearinghouses ________.
Provide goods and services at a stated price and arrange for the delivery of goods, but never take title.
-matches buyers and sellers
E-commerce leads to ________, which is the elimination of middle layers of distributors and suppliers.
E-commerce ________.
Is the buying and selling of goods and services over public and private computer networks

Became more feasible with the creation and widespread use of HTTP, HTML and server applications such as Web Storefronts that enabled browser-based transactions.
Which one of the following characteristics is true for companies such as Google, Amazon.com, and eBay that exemplify Web 2.0?
Refers to a loose grouping of capabilities, technologies, business models and philosophies.

These companies do not sell software because software is not their product. Provide software as a service (SAAS), for example, Google Docs
Web 2.0 applications are thin clients. What does this imply?
They do not require an installation on the user's computers. Download Web 2.0 programs as code within HTML, as flash, or Silverlight code and are readily updated.
A characteristic of Web 2.0 is that the value of a Web site increases ________.
With the amount of users and use
Web 2.0 encourages ________, which occur(s) when the output from two or more Web sites is combined into a single user experience.
How can a firm use social networks to increase the strength of its relationships?
Through social capital, an investment in social relations with the expectation of returns in the marketplace.
Adds value through :
-Information (About opportunities, alternatives, problems, etc.)
-Influence decision maker's in one's employer or in other organizations
-Social Credentials
-Personal Reinforcements
Traditional capital ________.
Depreciates. For example, machines wear out and factories get old.
Which of the following best represents the value of social capital?
Is determined by the number of relationships in a social network, by the strengths of those relationships and by the resources controlled by those related.
Meaningful social networking applications ________.
-Use Information in the social graph (network of relationships)
-Address real needs, from entertainment to practical tasks
-Share a personal perspective on the world
-Compel users to come back again and again
Which of the following is true about microblogging?
Enables two-way publishing worldwide. Your information is available for others to read worldwide. Example: Twitter

Enables users with similar interest to find each other.

Businesses can benefit from microblogging through public relations, relationship sales and market research
Social networking in general and microblogging in particular are all about relationships—forming new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Such relationships can serve as an ideal channel for sales. But experience has shown that ________ are ineffective when microblogging.
Pure sales pitches (ex. people stop following sources that only publish ads and
sales pitches because people look for Tweeters who offer something they value, such as advice)
"Product ratings and surveys have been used for years. Product opinions are also common. Recent research indicates that ratings and opinions of fellow customers are far more trusted than any advertising." This statement refers to types of ________.
UGC (user generated content-- page 269)
In Enterprise 2.0, pushing enterprise content to users based on subscriptions and alerts is part of ________, according to McAfee's Enterprise 2.0 model.
SLATES (Search, Links, Authoring, Tags, Extensions, Signals) model, specificially Signals
Enterprise 2.0 workers want applications to enable them to rate tagged content and to use the tags to predict content that will be of interest to them, a process McAfee refers to as ________.
Responding to problematic content on social networking sites is best reserved for when ________.
The problematic content has caused the organization to do something positive as a result.
Deleting problematic content on social networking sites is best reserved for when ________.
Contributions are inappropriate because they are contributed by crackpots, because they have nothing to do with the site or because they obtain obscene content.
Which of the following statements is true regarding a workgroup information system?
A Workgroup Information System that is shared by a group of people for a particular purpose.

Workgroup Information Systems that support a specific department are called departmental information systems

Ones that support a particular business function are called functional information systems
Which of the following statements of enterprise information systems is true?
Enterprise Information Systems are information systems that span an organization and support activities in multiple departments

Typically have hundreds to thousands of users. Procedures are formalized and extensively documented. Users go under formal procedure training.

Sometimes include categories of procedures and users are defined by their expertise.

Big advantage is that data duplication is either eliminated or changes are carefully managed.
The information system that a restaurant uses to order supplies and ingredients from its suppliers is an example of a(n) ________.
Interenterprise Information Systems
Which of the following statements about an interenterprise information system is true?
They are shared by two or more independent organizations.

Procedures are formalized and user training is mandatory.

Involve thousands of users and solutions to problems require cooperation among different, usually independently owned, organizations.

Data is often duplicated between organizations but such duplication is carefully managed.
Which of the following statements is true about resolving problems in an interenterprise information system?
Problems are resolved by meeting, by contract, and sometimes litigation
Information silos arise as a consequence of an organization's ________.
Growth and increasing use of information systems
Information silos are not a problem until they ________.
Begin to share data about the same entities or until they duplicate data
Information silos lead to ________.
Inefficiency, (Duplicated data, disjointed systems, and limited information all leading to higher costs)
Enterprise application integration is ________.
The integration of existing systems by providing layers of software that connect applications and their data together.
Which of the following statements is true of enterprise application integration?
-It connects system "island via a new layer of software

-It enables existing applications to communicate and share data

-It provides integrated information

-It leverages existing systems- leaving functional applications as is, but providing an integration layer over the top

-It enables a gradual move to ERP

No centralized database, keeps files of meta data that describe where data are located.
The major benefit of enterprise application integration is that it ________.
Enables organizations to use existing applications while eliminating many of the serious problems of isolated systems
A stored procedure is a ________.
Is a computer program stored in the database that is used to enforce business rules. For example, never to sell certain items discounted.
ERP training falls into two broad categories. The first category is training about how to implement the ERP solution. Which of the following activities is NOT a part of this category?
Training includes:
- Obtaining top-level management support

- Preparing the organization for change

- Dealing with the inevitable resistance that develops when people are asked to perform work in new ways
Which of the following statements is true about Oracle and its ERP products?
Designed according to SOA principles and hence are adaptable and customizable

Oracle combines ERP revenue with revenue from other products

Develops some ERP products inhouse and has complemented those products through the acquisition of PeopleSoft and Siebel

Known for producing fully featured products with superior performance.
When implementing new enterprise systems, the only solution for resolving process issues and providing enterprise process management is ________.
Collaborative Management?-- developing committee's and steering groups?
Which of the following is an effective technique to overcome employee resistance when implementing new enterprise systems?
Senior Level Management must communicate the need for the change to the organization.

Enhance confidence and train employees and coach them on the successful use of the new system.

Employees may need to be given extra inducement to change to the new system.
In accordance with the definition of service-oriented architecture, a service ________.
Is a repeatable task that a business needs to perform

- Billing account
- Cancel an event
- Reservations