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During a dihybrid cros involving two linked genes, 18% of the resulting gametes showed a recombinant genotype. These two linked genes are _____ map units apart.


A Barr body is an example of

facultative heterochromatin

Genes that are located on the same chromosome are


The C value is the amount of DNA in a

haploid genome

Antiparallel means that

the two polynucleotide chains run in opposite directions

The chromosome of most prokaryotes differs from those of eukaryotes because

the prokaryotic chromosome is circular, while the eukaryotic is linear

One genetic map unit is equal to a recombination frequency of

1 percent

Which enzyme elongates the new DNA strand starting at an RNA primer?

DNA polymerase III

The genetic material of a virus may be

single stranded RNA, double stranded DNA, double stranded RNA, single stranded DNA

Complementary base-pairing allows for

DNA to serve as its own template for replication

Genes that are linked

do not assort independently during meiosis

After a region of DNA has been replicated, ________ removes the RNA primers

DNA polymerase I

How many replication forks are produced when DNA denatures at an origin?


How many phenotypic classes may be generated from a three-point testcross?

2^3 = 8

As helicase unwinds the DNA molecule, what keeps the strands apart?

single-strand binding proteins

Which enzyme activity is associated with DNA polymerase I?

5' to 3' exonuclease, 5' to 3' polymerase, 3' to 5; exonuclease

A chromosome contains alleles for blue eyes and blonde hair. After meiosis the same chromosome contains alleles for blue eyes and brown hair. This occurred because of

crossing over

A human cell containing two sets of 23 chromosomes is


In both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, DNA replication is

bidirectional and semiconservative

In eukaryotes, chromosomes are duplicated during which stage of the cell cycle?


Cultivated wheat is descended from three distinct species, each with a diploid set of 14 chromosomes. Thus it is

an allohexaploid with 42 chromosomes

During replication, the direction of synthesis of new DNA from the leading and lagging strands is

5' to 3' only

What kind of analysis allows you to visualize an individual's chromosomal makeup?

karyotype analysis

Nondisjunction of chromosomes may result in

the loss of a single chromosome, the loss of one homologous chromosome pair, the addition of a single chromosome, the addition of one homologous chromosome pair

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