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  1. durable manufacturing
  2. secondary industry
  3. metal
  4. free market
  5. primary industry
  1. a work that makes natural resources available for use
  2. b a class of elements characterized by physical properties that include shininess, malleability, ductility, and conductivity
  3. c Manufacturing businesses that take materials from primary industries and other secondary industries and make them into goods. It has 2 types: construction and manufacturing
  4. d the mass production of goods that are expected to last more than one year
  5. e A market with few government restrictions on how a good or service can be produced or sold or on how a factor of production can be employed.

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  1. the, annual gross domestic product of a country divided by its total population at midyear, it gives the average slice of the economic pie per person
  2. the large-scale production of crops for sale
  3. the ability of one country to produce everything it needs without buying or selling from other countries
  4. an economic system in which the government owns the major industries and promise to male production decisions for the welfare of the society; a command economy
  5. a service industry does not produce goods but povide a skill or service. such as banking, transport, doctors and more.

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  1. natural gasa fossil fuel in the gaseous state


  2. industrymans hard work to make a living


  3. exportcommodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country


  4. capitalismmoney used to build or operate a business or industry


  5. protectionismprotecting domestic manufacturers from foreign competition by imposing tariffs and quotas on imported goods