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  1. fossil fuel
  2. natural resources
  3. technology
  4. subsistence farming
  5. primary industry
  1. a farming in which only enough food to feed one's family is produced
  2. b a nonrenewable energy resource formed from the remains of organisms that lived long ago; examples includes petroleum, coal, and natural gas
  3. c the application of science to industry
  4. d work that makes natural resources available for use
  5. e materials found in nature that are used by living things

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  1. a business that sells goods to the general public usually in smaller quantity
  2. A market with few government restrictions on how a good or service can be produced or sold or on how a factor of production can be employed.
  3. A trade agreement that contained loopholes that enables countries to avoid trade-barrier reduction agreements
  4. commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country
  5. the large-scale production of crops for sale

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  1. durable manufacturingthe mass production of goods that are expected to last for less than one year


  2. value addedthe gross value of the product minus the costs of raw materials and energy.


  3. petroleumliquid fossil fuel


  4. raw materiala naturally occurring, inorganic solid that has a crystal structure and a definite chemical composition.


  5. developing countrycountry that has a great deal of technology and manufacturing