28 terms

unit 6

John Locke
influenced the intellectuals of the Enlightenment by suggesting that people were molded by their life experiences.
Isaac Newton
influenced intellectuals through his belief that the world operated like a giant machine. They wanted to discover the laws that governed human society.
French word for philosopher
used scientific method to find natural laws that govern people.
separation of powers
executive, judicial, & legislative should limit & control each other through checks and balances
preached religious tolerance & came up with deism
philosophy that God created the universe & set it in motion.
wrote the Encyclopedia which had articles on science and art and spread Enlightenment ideas.
Adam Smith
an economist who wrote The Wealth of Nations.
let the people do what they want.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
presented idea of social contract
social contract
an entire society should agree to be governed by its general will.
Mary Wollstonecraft
argued that because women could reason, they are entitled to the same rights as man.
Enlightened absolutism
rulers tried to govern by Enlightenment principles while still having royal power
Frederick the Great
ruled Prussia and was the best educated, most cultured monarch.
Maria Theresa
empress of Austria who was stubborn about ruling but did pass reforms.
Catherine the Great
ruler of Russia open to discussion, but not reform.
Stamp Act
which required printed materials to carry a stamp.
Declaration of Independence
written by Thomas Jefferson
Treaty of Paris
put an end to the war
Articles of Confederation
America's first constitution
federal system
national government and state government share power.
Bill of Rights
Guaranteed freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly, among other things
the clergy, the nobles, and everyone else.
Tennis Court Oath
saying they would meet until they had a new constitution.
an old fortress used as a prison & armory
Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
Inspired by American documents, it is a list of basic rights and freedoms.Declaration said all men were free and equal. Women weren't included because it was believed they didn't care about their political rights
Members of the Commune