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la alimentación


alimentarse bien

to eat well

alimentarse mal

to eat poorly


to suntan

comer comida sana

to eat healthy food

compartir con alguien

to share with someone


to contribute

cuidarse el peso

to watch one's weight

darse cuenta de

to realize

dormir lo suficiente

to get enough sleep


to fall asleep


to shower

echarle mucha sal a la comida

to put a lot of salt on food

estar a dieta

to be on a diet

la grasa


hacer ejercicio aeróbico

to do aerobic excersize

mantenerse en forma

to stay in shape

el peligro



to weigh oneself

el peil


ponerse crema protectora

to put on sunscreen

quedarse frente a la tele

to stay in front of the tv


to get a sunburn

sentirse muy solo/a

to feel very lonely

subir de peso

to gain weight

tener buenos hábitos de alimentación

to have good eating habits

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