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eclectism, Greek columns plus Roman arches, Flavian. symbol of rome. political decision of Vespasian, contrast to Nero reign, concrete skeleton

Temple of Portutus

rome\\eclectism, Etruscan pattern of layout, ionic layout. psuedoperipteral design ie: columns in front, rear columns "fused" with walls

house of the vettii

pompeii\\pompeiian fourth style frescos, famous domus, well preserved by eruption of Vesuvius

roman house plan

etruscan models, plus peristyle garden

First style painting

structural, masonry, fake marble walls; spreaed of hellenistic; represent more expensive coutnerparts

second style

illusionism. create a sense of space, linear perspecive. instead of "strengthening" the apperaranc of walls, serve to rbeak down appreaacnce

third style

fantastic representations, involvinf floating landscapes amid delicate columns, ie: ornate style

fourth style

follows a "baroque" response to third mannerism. return to illusioinism, white framed paintings which took up entire walls

sculpture of augustus

idealized, mod after classical greek style, neveraging son of a god. roman clinging to greek ideals

maison carree

nimes, france.\\pseudoperipteral style. corinthian


nimes, fr\\ aqueduct -bridge product of roman engineering,

porta maggiore

rome\\\\double gate. two water channels,rusticated vs smooth masonry under claudius, eccentric look


republican values in contrast to Nero's representation of vanity

arch of titus

Rome\\Domitian tribute to brother, triumphal arch: built celebrate victories and growth

trajans forum

Appolodorus of damascus\\\rome's largest forum

column of trajan

appolodorus\\ story spiral frieze almost like a scroll. non chrono, accurate depiction of campaigns, with focus on the emperor

trajans market

appolodorus \\\made ppossible by modern concrete several leevels high, resembles modern mall

arch of trajan

benevento, ita\\\relief panels, similar to arch of titus, advertises emps achievements


beard shows fondness with Greek, first rom emp to wear beard, modeled after classical greek


hadrianj credit; temple of all gods'; corinthian colums pseudoperipteral structure, but hollow dome + cyl structure

int pantheon

hollow dome, with oculus, spherical hollow

al khazneh,, petra

petra, jordan\\\rock cut facade tomb; "baroque", disregard for classical greek

eques, stat of marcus aurelius

grandeur, victory,

4 tetrarchs

venice\\diocletian creation. implied equal share of power by identical portraits.

arch of constantine

ever evolving, lavish decoration, pulling from past but similar constructions


Basilica Nova\\\eternal youth; jupiter-like statue enthroned, holding orb of world power

interior synagogue

tempura on plaster, old and new testament themes

samuel anoints david

mural painitng in synagogue, frontal rows, style gestures, expressionless, no shadow,

seated christ

rarity, due to forbidden nature of idol worship, context unknown,

christ the good shepherd


interior of sant'apollinare nuovo

ravenna, ita\\\

christ before pilate

manuscript, arch around Pilate suggests its source of composition in nchurch apse

suicide of judas

stocky figures, first known rep of christ, ivory box. youthful painless christ

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