Ch 1 Quiz Review A&P 101

25 terms by stesti2572

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Study of the body structure


Study of the chemical processes that take place to keep us alive.


Cells; Tissue-organ system; organism


Skin is made up of epithelial tissue, neutral tissue, and connective tissue it is considered to be.


The smallest living unit in the body


Unchanging internal environment

Clotting of blood

Example of positive feedback


Location of the reproductive organs are in this body region.


The abdominal quadrant that contains the majority of the stomach


The abdominal quadrant that contains the majoirty of the spleen

Body Supine

Arms at side, palms facing forward.

Coronal Plane

Anatomical position of someone lying on their back.

Sagital Plane

Imaginary line dividing the body into left and right parts.

Umbilical Region

Region around the belly

Buccal cavity

Cavity that contains the teeth and gums


Located in the dorsal body cavity


Anatomical name for elbow


Anatomical name for the back of knee


Anatomical name for the arms


Anatomical name for the leg.

Surface of pericardial cavity

Parietal pericardial membrane forms

Ventral cavity

Mediastinum is located


Listening to the heart valves open and close with a stethoscope


Taking a patient's pulse


Taking two fingers on a patients back and using fingers on the other hand to thump the back.

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