7 terms

ch 12 part 3

emphasizing ethics
must shape the firm's decision making process andm ust be an integral part of the org culture in order to properly influence employees judgement and behavior
balanced scorecard
framework firms can use to verify that they have established both strategic and financial controls to assess their peformance. most appropriate when dealing with business level strategies
concerned with growth, profitability, and risk from the shareholders' perspective
concerned with the amount of value customers perceive was creaetd by the firm's products
internal business process
with a focus on the priorities for vairous business processes that create customer and shareholder satisfaction
learning and growth
concerned with the firm's effort to create a climate that supports change, innovation, and growth
Federal sentencing guidelines for organizations
determines whether or not to hold companies vicariously liable for employee behaviors. contains 7 steps for companies to follow and demonstrate the lack of vicarious liability