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Mental Health test questions

Paying close attention to a patients non verbal communication because
it may more accurately reflect the patients feelings
Which question would a clinician aske the patient during the psychiactric admission assessment in order to gain data on the patients affect
What are you feeling
When asking a bipolar patient where they have lived for the last year, they begin to describe the painting colour they chose and the what was involved with painting the walls. This is an example of which type of impaired communication
A patient that has insight into the mental disorder they are experiencing would .....
have demonstrated a self understanding related to the origin of behaviour
In communicating with a delusional patient it is best to....
help the patient differentiate between the delusion and the reality
The MSE should be ......
integrated into the nurses assessment
When interviewing a depressed patient and suicidal ideation are demonstrated by them, the clinician best intial approach would be to
enquire as to whether the patient is having suicidal thoughts
A depressed patient tells you, take care of my husband when Im gone, this statement is a
suicide ideation
Mental illness is classified according to
The six areas for a MSE are
appearance, behaviour, cognition, perception,affect and converstation
Affect describes
a persons feelings
Postitive symptoms of schitzophrinia include
hallucinations, delusions
Negative symptoms of schitzphrenia include
avoilation, anhendonia
Atypical antipsychotics are now used in the treatment of schitzophrenia, they
have fewer side effects and work better on the negative symptoms
An example of atypical antipsychotic is
Schitzophrenia may be associated with elevated levels oF
Prior to a psychiatric diagnosis being made, it is important that the patient has
had a full physical assessment