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  1. Charles XII
  2. Duke of Orleans
  3. Cardinal Fleury
  4. Whigs
  5. Pragmatic Sanction
  1. a the French cardinal who served as chief minister to Louis XV
  2. b created a single line of inheritance in the Habsburg dynasty through Charles VI daughter Maria Theresa... had bribed people to accept her but didn't work
  3. c members of the British reforming and constitutional party that sought the supremacy of Parliament
  4. d ruler of Sweden who faced Peter the Great in the Great Northern War... headstrong and insane
  5. e Uncle of Louis XV (Louis XIV's grandson); became his regent... brought about many financial and moral scandals

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  1. ruling family of Austria, had title of Holy Roman Emperor
  2. Scottish mathematician and gambler who was made France's finance minister by the Duke of Orleans
  3. the old Russian nobility that largely bureaucracy
  4. ruler of Russia from 1682-1725 who changed traditions of Russian society, founded St. Petersburg, tamed the strelsty and Boyars, and developed a strong navy
  5. sovereign of the Habsburg Empire

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  1. Frederick William Isuccessor of Frederick I... organized a huge and powerful military in Prussia and avoided conflict


  2. Hohenzollernsruling family of Prussia, gained obedience of the Junkers


  3. Robert WalpoleEnglishman and whig statesman who was effectively the first British Prime minister


  4. Mississippi Bubble Scandalfinancial scandal that tok place when the Mississippi Company's stock dramatically rose and everyone sold their stock at once... there was no money to pay anyone


  5. strelstyguards of the Moscow gammon (engaged in mutiny)