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  1. fragment
  2. subject
  3. direct object
  4. infinitive
  5. imperative sentence
  1. a the "to-" form of the verb, used as a noun or modifier
  2. b an incomplete thought
  3. c the noun or object pronoun that receives the action of the action verb
  4. d the noun or subject pronoun that the sentence is about
  5. e a sentence that makes or gives a command

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  1. the noun, subject pronoun, or adjective, that is linked to the subject by a linking verb, and that tells more about the subject
  2. shows emotion but has no grammatical function
  3. a clause that is not a complete thought, but needs to be connected to an independent clause
  4. the noun or object pronoun between the action verb and the direct object, that is indirectly affected by the action
  5. a sentence that interrogates, that asks a question

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  1. clausea group of words that does not have a subject and its predicate


  2. complex sentencea sentence with one independent clause


  3. appositivethe "to-" form of the verb, used as a noun or modifier


  4. nounthe name of a person, place, or thing


  5. adjectivean interrupting definition