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What do we call the release of energy by living things?


Respiration is the _____ in plants and animals

the same

What are two waste products produced by respiration?

carbon dioxide and water

What fuel do living things use for energy?


Do plants take in food from the outside?


How do plants obtain food?

They convert the energy of the sun into chemical energy of glucose.

What is the food making process of plants?


Where in the plant cell does photosynthesis take place?


Where in the animal cell does respiration take place?


How do photosynthesis and respiration compare?

They are opposites. The products of one are the starting materials for the other.

Cellular respiration

The release of energy from glucose.


Light energy, Carbon dioxide and water are used to make glucose.

Reactants of photosynthesis

carbon dioxide and water

Products of photosynthesis

C6H1206+O2 (glucose)

Reactants of Cellular respiration

C6H1206+O2 (glucose)

Products of Cellular respiration

carbon dioxide and water

where in the plant does photosynthesis occur?


Where in the animal cell does cellular respiration occur?


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