Science Test Unit 8 Earth and It's Moon

Earth takes 24 hours to complete one full
Earth changes from season to season as it continues it's trip around the sun, which is called a
The way the moon's gravity changes the height of the ocean is known as the
The seasons on Earth change because of the tilt on Earth's
How does Earth's rotation cause day and night?
Half on the Earth is tilted toward the sun at a time
What causes the seasons?
the tilt on Earth's axis
The phases of the moon
New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First-Quarter Moon, Waxing Gibise, Full Moon, Waning Gibise, Third-Quarter Moon, Waning Crescent
Difference between Waxing and Waning
Waxing:Getting bigger Waning:Getting smaller
What causes tides?
The moon's gravity pulling the water on two sides of the world