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  1. herman melville
  2. seneca falls convention
  3. edgar allen poe
  4. margaret fuller
  5. mary lyon
  1. a author who wrote book, moby dick about the whaling industry
  2. b new england writer whos work touched on political themes, especially womens rights/ published bestselling book, woman in the nineteenth century
  3. c author who wrote "the raven" and "the tell-tale heart"/ wrote disturbing stories and poetry
  4. d established mt holyoke female seminary/ helped break the barriers to female education
  5. e womens rights convention in 1848/ wrote declaration of womens rights based on the declaration of independence

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  1. preformed the first painless operation using ether
  2. poet/wrote "leaves of grass" about the common man
  3. first steam-powered locomotive in the US
  4. first woman doctor
  5. famous poet who only published 7 poems in your lifetime/ is one of americas best-known poets/ was a recluse

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  1. louisa may alcottfamous author of the book little women


  2. elizabeth ann setonfirst woman doctor


  3. nathanial hawthorneauthor who wrote the scarlett letter (book about sin)


  4. washington irvingpoet and author/ wrote the legend of sleepy hollow


  5. nativistsreligious group which believed in equality for all/ expressed religious feeling in song and dance