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  1. dr crawford w long
  2. washington irving
  3. francis cabot lowell
  4. the grimke sisters
  5. nathanial hawthorne
  1. a poet and author/ wrote the legend of sleepy hollow
  2. b began first cotton mill in New england in 1815/ set the stage for others to follow/ town on lowell massachusetts was established which was a famous factory mill town
  3. c author who wrote the scarlett letter (book about sin)
  4. d preformed the first painless operation using ether
  5. e worked for womens equality and freedom for the slaves/from wealthy family in SC/ became quakers

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  1. new england writer whos work touched on political themes, especially womens rights/ published bestselling book, woman in the nineteenth century
  2. a community whose goal was perfection in every activity/ everyone was married to each other!/ oneida silver is still produced in the town of oneida new york
  3. womens rights convention in 1848/ wrote declaration of womens rights based on the declaration of independence
  4. organization which was against all people who were not native-born americans
  5. artist who painted scenes of the MS valley and the american west/ known for his portrayal of everyday life

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  1. herman melvillefirst integrated and co-educational college (black and women could go there)


  2. elizabeth ann setonfounder of the sisters on charity/ considered the patron saint of catholic schools


  3. henry wadsworth longfellowpoet/ wrote the midnight ride of paul revere, sog of hiawatha


  4. thomas coleeditor of godeys lady book, a tremendously popular magazine advising american woman on how they should dress and act


  5. edgar allen poeestablished mt holyoke female seminary/ helped break the barriers to female education