Energy Technology

24 terms by elwilkin

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465 quad (2005)

Global Energy Consumption

350 mill. btu per person

US per capita energy consumption (not change in 20 yrs.)

1814 (increase coal)

steam locomotive

1910 (increase hydropower, petroleum, natural gas)

tungsten lightbulb


automobile (Benz)


steam engine (Watt)

1792 (increase wood)

gaslights (Murdoch)


battery (Volt)


telegraph (Morse)

1858 (increase coal)

internal combustion engine


color tv

1945 (nuclear)

atomic bomb



30 (1950) now 100 quad

US energy consumption

Saudi Arabia, Russia, US, Iran, China

main oil producers


Nuclear plants in US


percent US coal consumption


percent US nuclear consumption


percent US oil consumption


percent US renewable E consumption


percent US natural gas consumption

US, China, Russia

top Energy consumers

China, India

Rate of increase in energy consumption is greatest in these countries

only produces water and heat (61,000btu/lb

why hydrogen ideal fuel

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