19 terms

Modern Expressions Derived From Classical Greco-Roman Culture

Achilles Heel
a vulnerable point
eternally, jealously watchful
Augean Stables
a mass of filth; a task of overwhelming size
Draconian Measures
a severe system of laws and punishments
Fabian Tactics
delaying tactics
Gordian Knot
an intricate problem
Herculean Task
a difficult undertaking
Laconic Reply
a terse answer
Lucullan Feast
a sumptuous banquet
Midas Touch
the ability to create wealth effortlessly
Olympian Detachment
removed from normal involvement with a situation
Pandora's Box
a present that turns out to contain misfortunes
Parthian Shot
a comment made while one is leaving
Procrustean Bed
a rigid standard demanding utter conformity
Pyrrhic Victory
a victory won at such a price that it becomes meaningless
Siren Song
a seductive invitation to disaster
Stentorian Voice
a very loud voice
Stygian Darkness
complete, hellish darkness
Sword of Damocles
a symbol of anxiety