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Achilles Heel

a vulnerable point


eternally, jealously watchful

Augean Stables

a mass of filth; a task of overwhelming size

Draconian Measures

a severe system of laws and punishments

Fabian Tactics

delaying tactics

Gordian Knot

an intricate problem

Herculean Task

a difficult undertaking

Laconic Reply

a terse answer

Lucullan Feast

a sumptuous banquet

Midas Touch

the ability to create wealth effortlessly

Olympian Detachment

removed from normal involvement with a situation

Pandora's Box

a present that turns out to contain misfortunes

Parthian Shot

a comment made while one is leaving

Procrustean Bed

a rigid standard demanding utter conformity

Pyrrhic Victory

a victory won at such a price that it becomes meaningless

Siren Song

a seductive invitation to disaster

Stentorian Voice

a very loud voice

Stygian Darkness

complete, hellish darkness

Sword of Damocles

a symbol of anxiety

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