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A scientist who studies past life.


The study of past life.


To make note of observations and events, on paper or electronically

Relative Time Scale

The scale of geologic time expressed in terms of officially defined units but without reference to the age of units in years


A sedimentary rock that consists of particles of sand that are cemented together to form a rock

scientific process

The methods used by scientists to investigate questions, record data, and analyze results


Particles of minerals and rocks that are transported along the Earth's surface and then deposited

sedimentary rocks

Rocks that consist of sedimentary materials

stratigraphic correlation

The process of establishing the time equivalence of rocks that exist in areas that are far apart

stratigraphic section

A stack or sequence of sedimentary rock layers that are exposed at a given place on the Earth

Trace fossil

Any evidence of life activities of a plant or animal that lived in the geologic past


Those parts of an experiment that can be changed

Vestigial structures

Organs or structures in an organism that once served a purpose earlier in the history of the species, but now have no useful function

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