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only anions

what type of ions have names ending in -ide?

lose two electrons

when group 2A elements form ions, they ______.

nitride ion

what is the correct name for the N3- ion?

roman numeral following the name

when naming a transition metal ion that can have more than one common ionic charge, the numerical value of the charge is indicated by a ________.

have a numerical charge that is found by subtracting 8 from the group number

the nonmetals in groups 6A and 7A _____.

its position in the periodic table

what determines that an element is a metal?

chromate: CrO4 2-; dichromate Cr2O7 2-

which of the following correctly provides the names and formulas of polyatomic ions?

cation on left and anion on the right

how are chemical formulas of binary ionic compounds generally written?


which of the following formulas represents an ionic compound?


which of the following compounds contains the lead (II) ion?

tin (IV) bromide, SnBr4

which set of chemical name and chemical formula for the same compound is correct?

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